About the Author & Publisher

My childhood's dream: create a children's book with fun characters.

I was reading to my daughter Katie, 6 months old at the time, everyday. She loved books. She loved looking at the pictures and hearing me read to her. Reading to Katie everyday inspired me to write this simple but fun story about sheep.

Katie was our precious baby sheep in our family, so the book has to be about sheep. I love the classics, like Dr Seuss and Sandra Boynton. They are all about playfulness and beautiful rhymes that makes you want to read them over and over again like a piece of pretty music. This is my first attempt at this children's book art and hopefully will not be the last.

As first time self-publisher, I welcome any input and comments, so please feel free to email me: Concierge@TopAndAmpleBooks.com


Christina Young

Top & Ample Books